Hangar Talk:

“474 had a confirmed Owl kill in Colombia, and had two tree strikes!  So you may find repairs/rework someplace that resembles this.  474 also had a nose gear collapse and prop strike in Saigon, it is in a video being hauled home by a Skycrane helicopter. Flown at that time by Commander Porter approximately 1970.”

“Side note- 474 was also dropping fuel air bombs late in the war– once they ran out of 5” Zuni rockets. The guys liked them because they looked like miniature atomic bombs, and created a 300PSI overpressure area that could set off mines, booby traps, and eliminate VC/NVA in immediate area.  They would bomb old school WW2 style, where the trail aircraft dropped on the leads call, they’d fly straight and level which crews hated because they felt vulnerable. Also were nervous because these would drift in the wind, and if near friendlies could be bad news.”

~ Jason

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