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M97 Turret

Another OV-10 variant, used effectively as a Hunter-Killer in the Vietnam war at night. With the IR and heat sensing, pilots could see through the forest canopy and fire upon targets on the ground in the dark. Often they would be escorted by another Bronco with...

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474 in Colombia

Hangar Talk: "474 had a confirmed Owl kill in Columbia, and had two tree strikes!  So you may find repairs/rework someplace that resembles this.  474 also had a nose gear collapse and prop strike in Saigon, it is in a video being hauled home by a Skycrane helicopter....

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The Hoov and The Bronco

Bob Hoover was an amazingly cool aviator, and those who knew him often just referred to him as "The Hoov". Two things can be said about Bob Hoover no one is going to argue with: The best stick and rudder man known He was a company man. He loved North...

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Warbirds on Historic Road Trip

Pilot Mike Manclark takes Squadron of Legendary Warbirds on Historic Road Trip to California for Major Restoration Effort Six OV-10 Broncos being shipped from National Vietnam War Museum for new life as flying memorials JAN 10, 2018. MINERAL WELLS, TX –...

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OV-10 Update: CTEC

Jim Morrison of CTEC in Scottsdale, AZ writes to OV10 Squadron: Given the fact that Copperstate Turbine Engine Company (CTEC) is populated with many ex-Garrett-AiResearch/ AlliedSignal/Honeywell employees that were involved with T76 engines "in the day", we have an...

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The OV-10 Museum

A major part of the purpose and charter of the OV-10 Bronco Association is to run a museum dedicated to preserving the history associated with the Bronco. To this end, we accept donations of memorabilia. The memorabilia is catalogued, and we display as much of it as...

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