Bronco 418

SN 155418 (MSN 305-29)

  • New at the factory on May 24, 1968
  • HML 267 – Camp Pendleton, California – May 30, 1968
  • VMO-6 – Quang Tri, Vietnam – January 1, 1969
  • VMO-2 -Danang – May 2, 1969 thru Sept. 9, 1969
  • June 26, 1971 VMO2 – MCAS Futenma, Okinawa – June 12, 1972
  • Joe Baugher’s Notes: converted to OV-10D. To Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center (Boneyard) as 1VB0043 Apr 22, 1993, to PA0003 Apr 22, 1993. Registration N87612 reserved Feb 5, 1997, cancelled Aug 20, 1999 but not taken up Feb 21, 2008

Bronco 418

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418 News

Pilot Names Revealed on OV-10 Restoration

Pilot Names Revealed on OV-10 Restoration

Exciting News! We are back in production restoration on 155418. During some fuselage sanding a new set of names was revealed. Pilot Lt Col C.M. Acree, Commanding Officer of VMO-2, and AO, CWO-4 G.L. Hunter. Both ejected 32 years ago on January 18th, 1991 while flying...

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Warbirds on Historic Road Trip

Warbirds on Historic Road Trip

Pilot Mike Manclark takes Squadron of Legendary Warbirds on Historic Road Trip to California for Major Restoration Effort Six OV-10 Broncos being shipped from National Vietnam War Museum for new life as flying memorials JAN 10, 2018. MINERAL WELLS, TX –...

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