The OV-10 Squadron is committed to the restoration and continued support of flying the Bronco.

The organization has received seven OV-10 Broncos to the Southern California facility at Chino Airport (KCNO). The aircraft are being inspected for structural integrity and repaired to the highest standards of restoration. The fleet arrived from Fort Worth, Texas in January 2018 on a history journey across the US.

Please join us in this exciting project to build a small squadron of OV-10 Broncos for general aviation flying. The aircraft will be used in conjunction with the Mangic Foundation as well as commercial and airshow operations. Sign up and stay up to date with all the latest restoration news. And be sure to follow us on your favorite social platform below.



The Squadron

The organization is restoring seven OV-10 Broncos at the Southern California restoration facility.

The Team

Meet the warbird restoration experts, each with key roles in keeping the project moving forward.

The Bronco

North American Rockwell’s OV-10 Bronco is more than a twin-turboprop light attack and observation aircraft.

Restoration News

Flying The Bronco

The prototype for one of the world's coolest airplanes was built in a garage. This won't surprise homebuilders, but it might military history enthusiasts.

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“Flying Snipers:” The OV-10G+

The OV-10 Bronco was an innovation in aviation that reflected the needs and demands of the time when it was developed. Manufactured during the middle-late 20th century, this twin turbo-propeller aircraft had a blend of characteristics from both jet and helicopter....

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