Wm. Mike Manclark

Callsign: “Mayhem”

Manclark co-founded Leading Edge Aviation Services, Inc. in 1989 and served as the corporation’s Chief Executive Officer until September 2013. He is a licensed Commercial Multi-Engine and Helicopter Pilot. an active Commissioner in the Orange County Sheriffs Department, and CEO of the Mangic Foundation. Mancark attended business school at Chapman College in California, as well as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. A Southern California native,

With an “anything’s possible” attitude, Manclark is known for achieving massive success through massive effort. Starting as a young aircraft washer with a bucket and mop, Manclark has completed projects such as Air Force One as chairman of the world’s largest aircraft painting company. 

Awards & Accolades

bank-of-the-west-manclarkVideo: Bank of the West

Mike Manclark started out with a simple plan; make airplanes look nice and never turn down an opportunity. If he didn’t know exactly how to do a job, he worked until they figured it out. It’s how he evolved from “one man and a mop” to the world’s largest aircraft painting company. Impressed with his story, his banker produced this TV commercial about his relentless drive for success.