Owning a new aircraft has never been more accessible. But no matter how many new models come out every year, there will always be demand for historic aircraft of the past. Although many aircraft restorers will tell you it’s a labor of love, there’s also a great business case for owning one. 

Unlike most new aircraft which depreciate immediately after their first flight, restored aircraft often appreciate continually over the years as their rarity and novelty becomes more pronounced. The value of any restored aircraft is typically driven by a combination of condition, rarity (collectability) and its historical significance. The OV-10 Squadron project is particularly unique because it checks all those boxes and then some.

“We’ve commissioned some of the best technicians and artisans in the business for this project. And the OV-10s we’re restoring now are being re-built to last a lifetime,” says Mike Manclark, Flight Leader and founder of the OV-10 Squadron project. “For us, this was about more than just projecting pride of ownership. This was about pride of country. By doing it right, we’re ensuring these aircraft will be around for generations to come, while securing their position as sound investments and showpieces for their future owners. We can’t wait to see them all back in service and delighting spectators across the country.”

Interested in finding out how you can own a part of this historic restoration project? Each sale will help support the restoration of the entire OV-10 squadron. Email us now for details. 

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