Another OV-10 variant, used effectively as a Hunter-Killer in the Vietnam war at night.

With the IR and heat sensing, pilots could see through the forest canopy and fire upon targets on the ground in the dark. Often they would be escorted by another Bronco with rockets, and once a target was identified with the Night Gunship, the escort could unload Zuni rockets on them.

The Zuni 5-inch Folding-Fin Aircraft Rocket (FFAR), or simply Zuni, is a 5.0 in (127.0 mm) unguided rocket developed by the Hunter-Douglas Division of Bridgeport Brass Company and deployed by the United States armed forces. The rocket was developed for both air-to-air and air-to-ground operations. It can be used to carry various types of warheads, including chaff for countermeasures. It is usually fired from the LAU-10 rocket pod holding four rockets. [read more at Wikipedia]