When you restore a classic turboprop warbird, you never know who will show up. Here’s a couple team players with intimate knowledge of their former aircraft, and a passion sustained for fifty years. 

This week we’re honored once again with VAL-4 pilot Lyn Henish, pictured here with Bronco 493, the very aircraft he flew in missions circa 1971. Imagine standing next to this airplane in its fully-restored condition—like it’s fresh out of the factory hangar—when you last saw it in battle conditions.

We’re grateful Mark Byars continues to turn wrenches on the OV-10 Bronco he flew in 1969 and 1970, OV-10 #494. “It’s a humbling experience,” Byers said, “to crawl back into this cockpit—THIS very same cockpit!—after fifty years! It recall it being larger—and certainly easier to get into at that age.”

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